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SDx Makeover Plug-in

virtually decorate and stage properties

grow your business with augmented real estate

Sell Smarter and Faster, from Listing to Closing

An add-on for real estate agents’ online and social media platforms that gives buyers the tools to virtually decorate and stage properties

Knowledge in Photos

Our powerful Vision API quickly classify images into hundreds of categories (such as kitchen, exterior, gathering room) and recognizes individual objects and words (such as lighting, cabinets, floor, appliances).  We’ve trained AI to meet the needs of our platform and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

Once AI recognizes individual objects in the picture SDx platform compares our 53 home and garden categories to the objects it recognizes.  Inside the blue vertical accoridion tabs are the best possbile matches that populate automatically.  Every picture is different and every populated tab is unqiue to that picture.

Lifestyle Preferences

SDx records the buyer interaction providing Agents analytics that help price listings competitively, determine ideal buyers based on lifestyle preferences, and hone in on key markets where buyers are most likely to come from all found using the collected data.