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Today’s real estate buyer’s expect professional photo’s and put together rooms.  Sometimes it’s impossible to do that.  Vacant property with little or no furniture is hard to sell.  Occupied Property is even harder to sell, to overlook the style and imagine your style is hard to do.

By selecting are staging service, we model the room from scratch, then place the perfect furniture and accessories that get the home sold.

Builders provide front elevation floor plans expecting buyer’s to get excited about the new home that could be theirs.  It’s not a complete picture and most of the time, the floor plan is overlooked.  We can help.

Our Rendering Gallery 

professional staging and renderings

Starts with a floor plan or a photograph

What to expect from our professional service

We know how to create the most photo-realistic, high-quality renderings and staging photo’s in the country.  We render hundreds of floor plans and photos as an ongoing basis.  Our services include an entire beautifully rendered room or exterior home.

You’ll receive photo’s ready to be place into printed quality brochures to online websites.  We provide a draft view first, then provide us with comments to be certain you have a perfect representation of the property, even if it’s not built yet.


Service Packages

The staging services starts with a high-resolution photograph provided by the client.   The rendering service starts with a .dwg or .pdf file of the home or interior room.