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dynamic interactive online experience

Every detail is rendered in realistic 3D


Real Estate-Consumers-Home Goods are brought together through SDx 


Immerse themselves in creating a home they love and discovering a new way to buy, rent, decorate and renovate real estate


Create a dynamic presence and marketing platform for securing listings and attracting prospective buyers, and home consumers


Marketplace is made remarkably robust by the inclusion of thousands of products in 53 home and garden categories


SDx Free

SDx Free a searchable property tool featuring the same accurate, real-time information your accustom to getting. SDx Free a simple add-on to your digital platform is easy to install, can be used on company websites, individual agent pages and social media pages – as is a powerhouse lead generation tool. 

Consumers are so intrigued with the functionality of the program, that SDx Free is one of the best SEO tools to come along in years – keeping potential customers on your site for far longer than ever before.



SDx Solo

Listing Agents add SDx Solo to any listing on their website or marketing page.  Simply add SDx “One-Click Design” Button to your website and buyers virtually renovate, decorate, landscape or makeover the home right on the screen, utilizing image recognition, AI, 3D Models and AR combined into one beautiful application.



SDx Pro

It all begins with the personalized Virtual Staging Webpage, which provides the functionality of the MLS and the creative flexibility of home renovation software.  SDx Pro also includes two “One-Click Design” buttons along with other great features.

Agent can virtually stage a listing, or allow prospective buyers to easily envision home décor changes, whether replacement flooring or upgraded appliances.

SDx Pro will even provide a unique URL utilizing the listing’s address, so that the interactive listing can be marketed across all social media platforms.



Our Rendering & Modeling Services

Are you in need of professional renovation or staging assistance with a photo?  Do you have a 2D Floor plan that needs to come alive with textures and objects?  We can help.

2D Floor Plan

Builders 2D floor plans are hard to sell from MLS.  Buyers have a difficult time trying to understand a 2D flat image.

Professional Staging

Have an empty room and need a photo-realistic staged photo? 

Before & After

We can provide a before and after of a specific room or exterior of a home that can be used for marketing purposes


This AR and staging technology can illustrate the full potential of a property in a few easy clicks

Simon Chen, ERA Real Estate CEO