5 new ways to search for real estate

Add Visual Search to Your Search Bar

Introducing, Visual Search Plus Virtual Staging; an AI extension to the search bar allowing you and buyers to find and design the perfect home unlike ever before

One of the biggest challenges for Realtors working with buyers is locating properties that meet specific requirements like a particular style, floorplan, or even features.

Up until now, you had to spend hours, weeks, or months pouring through listings in the MLS trying to find the right fit.

Introducing, ShowOff’s Visual Search; a search widget you add to your website that allows you and buyers to find and design the perfect home unlike ever before.

Five Refined Ways To Search For The Perfect Home


Visual Similarities

Just imagine a buyer likes a kitchen layout on one listing and they want to find a different home with a similar kitchen layout. In seconds, AI will find every listing with kitchens that area extremely similar to the picture.

Home Features

Every image within the Showoff system is tagged by AI with detailed descriptions so agents can search for properties the same way you might search for somthing on Google.

Room Classifications

Sometimes a buyer is dead set on buying a home that has certain rooms like a home office or mother-in-law suite.  Showoff’s AI recognizes over 30 different types of rooms both indoors and outdoors.

Architectural Style

For the first time, agents can find properties for sale that match their buyer’s preferred design style.  For example, they can search for available homes taht have a contemporary exterior, or traditional ranch style. 

Snapshot Locator

I could be a home you noticed as you were driving down the street, an image on Instragram, or a beautiful home in a magazine somewhere, buyer saw a home and now they’re on a mission to find it in their area. 

Another Challenge agents face is the struggle buyers have envisioning how a space can be transformed

Thanks to ShowOff’s AI results, the solution to this problem is contained in those digital files we save for each picture. Our AI is supersmart, it’s easy to replace light fixures, furniture or cabinets by simply swapping out the old and replacing it with the new. Change paint colors, substitute flooring, or even change out countertops to turn any home into your clients’ dream home. 

Cabinets, Countertops & Flooring

Furniture & Accessories

Interior/Exterior Paint

Virtual Staging along with our AI can work on a wide variety of home projects

The Evolution of the Search Bar

Searching online based on features like budget or bedrooms and bathrooms can be very time-consuming because most of the properties that pop up in results simply don’t match your buyer’s taste. 

People buy homes because of the features and characteristics the home offers.  Until now, it’s been impossible to search on home features.   

Home Features and characteristics are what sell houses!

Find a Home From a Picture

While driving down the street, an image on Instagram, or a beautiful home in a magazine somewhere, our AI creates a digital footprint that includes descriptive tags with machine learning which are then saved with the image. This process allows homes to be found by buyers around the world.

New Homes

Trying to find a new construction floorplan that meets all of your clients needs and desires can be tiresome because you have to travel to different communities to see all of the available models. Not to mention, their design choices have always been limited.

Now, thanks to ShowOff’s new Visual Search technology, finding or building a home that looks and feels exactly how your buyer has always dreamed just became incredibly fast, simple, and attainable!



Faster Search Times

While the current MLS allows you to narrow the search by size, location or price, it doesn’t allow you to search by style or characteristics.  Thanks to ShowOff, you can narrow the search by the style of architecture, or even individual characteristics of specific rooms like modern kitchen with open ceilings and island.



Generate More Organic Traffic

Thanks to the millions of images, tags, interior catalog and content built-into the widget, your real estate website gets an instant SEO boost to help get your website closer to the top of Google search results. Buyers are so enthralled by this more powerful home shopping experience that they are engaging with it for far longer and much more seriously than traditional MLS searches.




More Marketable Listings

With ShowOff’s powerful AI search widget, you and your buyers will be able to completely stage and decorate any room of any property and even purchase the furniture from that design thanks to our integration with hundreds of retailers.

Our Personalized  Search Provides  New Search Options

ShowOff’s Personalized search finds more relevant search results by providing the search bar a fresh new search option; a visual option.  Now agents and buyers search for available listings with more criteria than ever before:

  • Search by architectural style
  • By Specific room type
  • Home features; like cherry wood cabinets
  • Similar images
  • Upload a picture from social media, a magazine or by driving around and finding homes liked

And with the same search options, agents and buyers overcome objections online or walking through the house in real time.



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